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2018-09-13: Link added to better image of Ellen Nussey dated 29 April 1871 (see footnote 2).
2018-09-15: Links & info added to John Stewart page in "1853-56" section.
                   Footnote added: Patrick Stewart's suicide (India or at sea) on same page and link to portrait of Duncan Stewart (India).
2018-09-16: Changes in sections "Handwriting on the reverse" & "John Stewart" on Bronte Connection page.
2018-09-20: Quote added referring to gifts from foreign travels (1841) added to "Mary Taylor" section in Straw Hats & Cloaks.
2018-09-30: Link added to the two daguerreotypes of Jenny Lind (1848) in the Royal Collection - Is the Photo an 1850s Copy?

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