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5 November 2018

Straw Hats and Cloaks (revised)
The hats can be traced back to the 1840s.
18 November 2018 - Footnote added to above page: Footnote 1. Brighton Gazette - Thursday 30 April 1857 col.5
25 November 2018 -  Quote added to "1857" : "The English Hat in Paris" on Straw Hats and Cloaks page.

23 November 2018

Dating the photo (revised)

Portraits of Emily Bronte (revised)

From Jenny Lind to Jane Eyre 1847 (new page)
In August 1847 the singer Jenny Lind began a tour of the United Kingdom.
This page lists some of the places visited in Lancashire and Yorkshire in 1847 and 1848, along with some notes on the Bronte sisters.


Advert for Leeds Photographic Portrait Gallery, 1842

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